Small Business Coffee Machines – 5 Tips For Choosing the Right Ones For Your Office


Finding the right office coffee machines for you can be a daunting task. But with the right guidance and information, you’ll be able to make the right choice in selecting the ideal machine that meets all your requirements. The following list was put together by comparing the features, prices, output, input and other considerations of over… Some of these are personal preferences but others are more technical in nature.

Single Serve Office Coffee Machines – Small offices usually have very limited spaces and so it’s not practical to have two machines. Therefore, single serve office coffee machines are the only sensible option here. Single serve machines don’t need to keep two brewing systems as they only require a single pot for the whole day. A single pot can be refilled easily as well. In addition, these small offices usually have a lot of windows so the visibility is very good and all you have to do is place the pod in the right location and enjoy your cup of coffee.

Dual or Two Serve Office Coffee Machines – Sometimes it’s not practical to choose from small to large office coffee machines, especially if there is a lot of seating in the office. At such times, a dual or two serve machine would be the best option. These machines keep two brewing systems in one pot and thus have ample room for adjustment and storage space for those times when two different people are working and the tastes differ. It’s always better to have more than one pot of coffee, especially when there is a lot of traffic in the office.

Commercial- Grade Coffee Makers – Whether it’s a coffee maker for home or an office environment, it’s important that the coffee produced is of a very high quality. Many people are now opting for commercial- grade coffee machines, as they produce a much superior product with better taste and aroma. However, choosing a commercial- grade coffee maker might cost you a bit higher. Commercial coffee machines that use a combination of hot water, electric power, water temperature controller, and a filter are the best ones in this category. For a home or small office environment, a standard drip coffee maker will be enough.

Espresso Makers – There are people who love a really fresh cup of coffee, which is why these espresso machines are popular. You simply set up the brew button, add water, switch on the grind, and let it do its thing. The aroma is so strong that everyone will feel like they’ve come home to a great aroma every time.

Powder Filters – Similar to Espresso Makers, Espresso Filters allows you to make a shot of espresso at home or when on business trips. All you need are pods of regular ground coffee, a filter, milk, and the pod carafe. The pods can be pre-measured or purchased at any store that sells coffee accessories. You simply pour the pod carafe into the filter, add your desired amount of water, turn on the power button, and let it do its job. A nice, thick shot of espresso is made from the regular grounds.

Flavored Filters – Most people enjoy some form of flavored coffee. It gives a richer taste, and it makes drinking the regular cup a bit dull. If you want your regular coffee drinks to have a little flavor, try giving them a try with some of these flavoring options. Green tea is a popular option, as are chocolate, lemon, or vanilla flavors. Coffee drinkers can choose between hazelnut, chocolate, and grapefruit flavors. There are even companies who make coffee machines that only make one flavor, such as Quicksilver.

Direct Water Line – These are probably the most popular type of small business coffee machines, and for good reason. They give the greatest tasting beverage out there. These units use a direct water line, where the coffee is delivered directly to the basket by a small pump. The water never touches the heating element, so there is no need for an expensive heating element, and the taste is much better than with a pre-heated system.