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For those interested in registering for the Dance competition at the Bracebridge Highland Games, please click on the logo below for the Highland Dancers Association of Ontario. 


Previous winners
To honour those dancers who have competed at our events in the past, we are posting the names of those who have won various awards since 2003 in recognition of their skill, dedication and effort. We look forward to potentially adding your name to our list!
Please scroll down past the Previous Winners to see what awards are offered to competitors at our event!
4 Years  
  5 Years  
  6 Years  
Beginner 7 & Under Adeline Byrne Lauren Prescott
8 Years Sarah Gillissie August Holder
10 & Under Jenna Ross Natalie Wilhelm
12 & Under Emily Lloyd Erin Dempsey
13 & Over Carly Dowdall Sheena Tait

Most Promising Beginner: Amelia Patterson

8 & Under Beret Dernbach Jordan Masales
9 Years Emma St.Arnaud Dinnen Kenn
10 Years Julia Darrah Olivia Underwood
12 & Under Phoebe Croft Madeline Sousa
13 & Over Meaghan Beaudry Catrina Hughes Matchett

Most Promising Novice: Morgan Caruana

Best Muskoka Dancer : Meaghan Beaudry
Intermediate 9 & Under Haley Hutchinson Madison Stevens
12 & Under Moira Banks-Batten Gabrielle McFadden
13 & Over Brianna Rose Farrugia Brianna Adamson

Most Promising Intermediate: Cole Leslie 


10 & Under Fiona Tolley Elise Cheyne
12 & Under Cassidy Ferguson Holly Melsom
13 Years Nicole Chatten Alyssa Barrow
14 Years Ireland Shears Hanna Kelly
15 Years Rachel Murphy Samantha Melsom
17 & Under Maddie Low Ashley MacDonald
19 & Under Lilian Taylor Cayley Scates
20 & Over Georgina Muir Anne Thomson
Premier Dancer of the Day: Cassidy Ferguson & Rachel Murphy & Maddie Low & Georgina Muir 

Primary Encouragement Award: Emily Laws

5 & Under  
  6 Years  
Beginner 7 & Under Elise Cheyne Heather Magallanes
8 Years Morgan Caruana Emily Caruana
9 Years Jessica Berry Jennifer Corbett
10 & Over Catrina Hughes-Matchett Sarah Zugehoer

Most Promising Beginner: Elise Cheyne

9 & Under Alexandria Patterson Gabrielle McFadden
12 & Under Connor Cartwright Abigail Woodhouse
13 & Over Josianne Garriock Colleen Chan

Most Promising Novice: Alexandra Patterson

Best Muskoka Dancer : Maggie McIntye
Intermediate 11 & Under Ashleigh Warren Jenna Warren
12 & Over Jamie Bardocz Janelle Wilson-Leung

Most Promising Intermediate: Samantha Barrow


11 & Under Cassidy Ferguson Fiona McKay
12 Years Hilary Eves Nicole Chatten
13 Years Ireland Shears Jessica Bolton
16 & Under Rachel Murphy Rachel Quinn
17 & Over Georgina Muir & Madison Low
Premier Dancer of the Day: Ireland Shears

Primary Encouragement Award: Heather Magallanes

  6 Years    
Beginner 7 Years Christina Bozelli Avery Rowe
8 Years Ashton Rolfe Colleen Dawson
11 & Under Alexandra Clark Jessica Moran
12 & Over Mackenzie Little Janette Wilson -Leung

Most Promising Beginner: Nigel Barber

9 & Under Maya Underwood Jenna Warren
12 & Under Catherine Brown Jamie Bardocz
13 & Over Karyn Blackney Laura Schindel

Most Promising Novice: Karleigh Phipps

Best Muskoka Dancer : Meaghan Beaudry
Intermediate 11 & Under Andrea Cook Allison Swanson
12 Years Gillian Bradshaw Lauren McKay
13 & Over Alicia Cook Kelsey Harding

Most Promising Intermediate: Allison Swanson


11 & Under Hilary Eves Jordyn Zinner
12 Years Ireland Shears Jessica Bolton
14 & Under Sam Melsom Rachel Quinn
16 & Under Madison Low Kim Lawson
17 & Over Daniel Carr Alexandra Moore
Premier Dancer of the Day: Hilary Eves, Madison Low & Daniel Carr

Primary Encouragement Award: Heather Magallanes

  6 & Under    
Beginner 7 & Under Makenzie Waltenburgh Kaia Hartley
  8 Years Maya Underwood Clare Hicks
  9 Years Payton MacInnes Stephanie Etherington
  11 & Under Elizabeth Garofalo Nikita Noseworthy
  12 & Over Laura Schindel Bethany Barber

Most Promising Beginner: Ashleigh Warren

10 & Under Andrea Cook Cassidy Ferguson
  11 Years Devyn Watt Lindsay Bond
  12 & Over Christine Aslin Victoria Ross

Most Promising Novice: Cassidy Ferguson

Best Muskoka Dancer : Victoria Ross
Intermediate 10 & Under Britney Haylow Maggie MacInnis
13 & Under Brianne Free Michelle Kane
14 & Over Taylor MacFarlane Alexandra MacDougall

Most Promising Intermediate: Maggie MacInnes


10 & Under Ceilidh MacInnis Jordyn Zinner
11 Years Jessica Bolton Keely Pelyk
14 Years Madison Low Kim Lawson
13 & Under Samantha Melsom Rachel Quinn
16 & Under Cayley Scates Nicole Frankland
  17 & Over Alexandra Matthews Briar Macklin
Premier Dancer of the Day: Madison Low & Alexandra Matthews

Most Promising Primary: Makenzie Waltenburgh

Beginner 8 & under Rileigh McNeil Jenna Warren
  10 & under Kaitlyn Ostrander Maggie McIntyre
  12 & under Briana Domenegato Samantha Orr
  14 & over Kristy Keown Hailey Fortier & Rachel Stephenson

Most Promising Beginner: Samantha Orr

11 & under Julianne Sevigny Holly Melsom
  12 & over Victoria Ross Hilary Vassos

Most Promising Novice: Holly Melsom

Muskoka Dancer of the Day AM: Victoria Ross
Intermediate 10 & under Kendra Naismith Christie Boychuk
11 & over Lexi Hammond Isabella Maestri

Most Promising Intermediate: Christie Boychuk


11 & under Samantha Melsom Rachel Murphy
13 & under Madison Low Alexandra Cullum
15 & under Shanna Deasley Christine Warren
16 & over Mary Siobhan Mckeever Kirsten Selvage
Premier Dancer of the Day: Samantha Melsom

Most Promising Primary:  Abbey Wall

Beginner 7 & under Emma Watt Carah Brown
8 Alaine Zanatta Abigail Mackey
9 Rachel Murphy Natalie Van Alphen
10 Carly Zanatta Rosie Horbay
11 Laura Watson Hope Bell
12 & over Kayla Dawson Rachelle Young

Most Promising Beginner: Emma Watt

10 & under Emily Daniel Karina Rodgers
11 Jillian Fitzmaurice Rachael McKinnon
12 & over Samantha Pickles Fiona Ogilvie

Most Promising Novice: Meagan Sweeney

Muskoka Dancer of the Day AM: Jillian Fitzmaurice
Intermediate 11 & under Treyven Robitaille Samantha Melsom
12 & over Sarah Willis Danielle Davis

Most Promising Intermediate: Treyven Robitaille


11 & under Madison Low Katelyn Gifford
13 & under Christine Warren Shanna Deasley
15 & under Lindsay Perreault Breanne Nicholson
16 & over Jenelle Holbrough Kirsten Selvage
Premier Dancer of the Day: Madison Low/Jenelle Holbrough

Most Promising Primary: Jasmine Theriault

Beginner 8 & under Remi Stonehouse
9 Emily Daniel
11 & under Jillian Fitzmaurice
12 & over Sarah Willis

Most Promising Beginner: Jillian Fitzmaurice

Novice 10 & under Natalya O'Neill
12 & under Sierra Foster
13 & over Deanna Bralten

Most Promising Novice: Hannah Tateishi

Muskoka Dancer of the Day AM: Jillian Fitzmaurice
Intermediate 11 & under Leann Bekendam
12 & over Etta Gunsolus

Most Promising Intermediate: Jena Haylow

Premier 11 & under Lucy Muir
12 Stephanie Kew
13 Lindsay Perreault
16 & under Evelyn McGowan
17 & over Colleen Rintamaki
Premier Dancer of the Day: Colleen Rintamaki

Most Promising Primary: Jasmine Theriault

8 & under
Natalya O'Neil
Jessika Malodzinski
12 & under
Katherine Forester
13 & over
Meredth Sheach

Most Promising Beginner: Emily Reimer

11 & under
Sinead Doherty
12 & over
Amanda Firth

Most Promising Novice: Etta Gunsolus

Muskoka Dancer of the Day AM: Amanda Firth
11 & under
Lindsay Avery
12 & over
Lindsay Perreault & Amy Bajurny

Most Promising Intermediate: Paige Pincivero

11 & under
Leslie Conroy
15 & under
Aidan Moir
16 & over
Briar Macklin
Premier Dancer of the Day: Aidan Moir
Prizes and Awards
The Bracebridge Highland Games recognizes all the participants for their hard work and dedication. All morning dancers will recieve a goodie bag as a token of our appreciation. The Primary dancers will also receive a participation medal along with any and all medals that coincide with their placings. Like the primary dancers, all other categories are awarded up to six places in each group. The medals are handcrafted and are unique to the Town of Bracebridge and The Bracebridge Highland Games. Each group is also awarded an over-all trophy and a runner-up trophy. Prize money is given to the adult group, and if numbers warrant is also awarded to the second oldest age category. 
Special Awards include:
Primary Encouragement Award
Most Promising Beginner Dancer
Most Promising Novice Dancer
Most Promising Intermediate Dancer
Premier Dancer of the Day
PrePremier Muskoka Dancer of the Day
For more information about the bracebridge Highland Dance Competition contact
The Jenn Low School of Highland Dance in Bracebridge @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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