Month: April 2019

Are Any Search Engines Other Than Google Worth Targeting?

Introduction to SEO
Are you familiar with Google and other search engines?

Are you a student? Or do you aspire to be a business man one day? Business is now one of the best option if you want to get wealthy later on in life. And of course with the development of technology, business is not the same as business then.

With the rise of advertisement the use of internet for advertisement blew up. Hence now, one of the most sought after part of business sis their online presence thus SEO. SEO or Search Engine Optimization, sound complicated, is the process by which business pay a company or an individual so that they will gain more internet presence by adding articles about their business in their site with keyword that will make them end up in from of the search engine results. Still not get it? No worries, for example, imagine you are hungry however you do not want to go out long or to travel a long time before getting to a restaurant, however you just moved in the area and you do not know the ins and out of the area.

Of course the most logical option for modern people would be to take out their phones and search for the keywords “restaurants area xxx” or to go to google maps and look for a restaurant right? This is where SEO comes in, because you restaurant or fast food uses SEO your restaurant will go in top of the search results thus gaining you a customer.

Other Search Engines Other Than Google:

  • Yahoo – although Google is more used these days as it is more popular now Yahoo used to be popular in the early 2000s. There are still people using this search engine so if you want to cover as much as are possible then you can try this search engine.
  • – many may not recognize this as it is not as popular as Yahoo or Google but if you have tried downloading free games then you have seen this installed automatically installed.
  • Random sites that viruses or random software you installed automatically installs in your computer or laptop.

In conclusion, there is not much other option other than Google or Yahoo. Because Google basically monopolizes the search engine industry there is little to no choice of using other websites. If you really want to have a good investment and to use your money for what’s it worth then jus use Google.